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The company was set up in 1986, producing textiles for cars and furnishings. Initially a limited liability company, its fortunes changed when Sauro Fioravanti, Managing Director, following the lead of Franco Magni, one of the world’s leading figures in mattresses and furnishings, obtained a large contract for pile fabrics with one of the most prestigious American car seat cover manufacturers. The company also specialised in the production of dyed pile fabrics and jacquards, as well as polyester velvet, acrylic and fabrics in stretch jersey.

In 1999 it was transformed into a joint-stock company, which brought new investments onto machinery and qualified personnel, not to mention constantly updated product lines, thanks to careful research aimed at ongoing innovation. Its products were thus divided into three categories: TXC textiles for cars and furnishings, MELANGE for bed linens and MIO-MIÒ, an exclusive range of cushions.


Its production of over 3 million metres per year and presence in over 40 countries worldwide today makes the TEXCAR SPA one of the most qualified companies in Europe. Thanks to the dynamic service offered by our “completely in-house cycle” we can meet any kind of market request.